Gigposters 2 - Clay Hayes - 2011

Gigposters 2 - Clay Hayes - 2011

Clay Hayes is the founder and owner of, the one and only unmiseable poster on the web. If you have ever wondered how to build a Lego band, or, more than all if you have ever wondered how would look like the fornication result of Motorhead’s monster logo and Hello Kitty, then, this book is definitly for you, you’ll have all the answers you ever dreamt of.

By the way, if you are just a gig posters lover, with no weird expectations like the sexual life of Hello Kitty, then, I doubt I really have to tell you that this book is for you. 2 years after volume 1, Clay Hayes brings back 101 new designers from, more or less, all over the world.

The book is sized 36.5 x29 cm.On the front of each you will find a poster picture, on the back six small illustration and comments regarding the designer. Each page can be removed thanx to the soft cover format, so that you can easily have 101 posters ready to frame. The paper is fairly thick and dull. But reluctant to destroy the pages, I'll probably buy myself another one just to hang some of the posters on my walls.

If you still hesitate on wether or not you should buy it, the list bellow should help you to do the right choise … ;)

Adam Pobiak, Alan Hynes, Alana Bailey, Altieri Art, Ames Bros, Anville, AS Printing Press, Atzgerei, Baker Prints, Blackheart Studios, Ben Wilson, Broken Press, The Bubble Process, The Bungaloo, Chicken Billy, Clint Wilson, Clinton Reno, The Comet Substance, Concepcion Studios, Craig Horky, Craig Updegrove, David V. D'Andrea, Dead Meat, Dirty Donny Gillies, DKNG, Doe Eyed, Doublenaut, Douze Studio Dresden, Dr. Alderete, Droid, Empire Press, Erick Montes, Frida Clements, Ghost-Town Studio, Graham Pilling, Gunsho, The Half and Half, Hatch Show Print, Hyp Inc, Idiot or Genius?, Insurgentarts, Iron Canvas Studios, Iskra Print Collective, Isle of Printing, Ivan Minsloff, James Flames, Jeral Tidwell, Jeremy Wilson, Jim Mazza, Joe Whyte, John Howard, Johnny Sampson, Justin Santora, Kill Hatsumomo Prints, Kunny van der Ploeg, Landland, Madpixel Art and Design, Mara Piccione, Mark McCormick, Mark Sgarbossa, Marq Spusta, Matt Terich, Maximum Flouride Killustration, Mike Saputo, Mike Weihs, Mile 44, Nat Damm, Nerl Says Design, Nick DuPey, Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables,
Pfahlert Creative Labs, Punchgut, R. Black, Rich Kelly, Robbie Fuct, Ryan Duggan, Scott Campbell, Scraped Knee Studios, Scrawled Design, Shawn K. Knight, The Silent Giants, Small Horse Studio, Sonnenzimmer, Spike Press, Standard Deluxe Inc, Standard Design, Status Serigraph, Subject Matter Studio, Switchopen Illustrations, T-Bone & Aljax Production and Design, Tim Huesken, Tom Bagley, Traci Edwards, Two Arms Inc, Two Rabbits Studios, Tyler Stout, Uglybogus, Us &Them, Weapons of Mass Design, Weathermaker Press, Will Ruocco

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