Ivan Minsloff (US)

Ivan Minsloff (US)

Sk8boarding is definitly not a crime, and posterdrawing neither, that's the reason I feel free to welcome Ivan Minsloff on the blog. If Jim Phillips is definitly an influence for him, you will see bu checking his own site (or gigposter) that the guy really have a wide variety in his drawing !

Hello, of course as every Crewk interview, first question: what are we listening to when we come to visit you?

Talk radio. It keeps me company during the day.

Can you tell us more about yourself, who are you, where are you from, what do you do?

Ivan Minsloff, I’m an illustrator. From Santa Cruz, CA. Live and work in Los Angeles.

When did you start drawing?

As a small child... I guess? As far back as I can remember.

Did you follow any course or did you improve by drawing in the margins of your schoolbooks?

Definitely a margins of homework guy.

Today are you living from your art, or do you do something else for a living ?

Making a living from my art, thankfully.

Are you collaborating with magazines/fanzines, regularly?

Not regularly but yes, I’ve done illustration work for magazines. I like it, hope to do more.

Where does your influence come from? Is there any artists/graphists you particularly like, what are your influences?

Mainly I’m influenced by other poster artists. There are so many great ones out there I don’t think I could ever run out of inspiration.
Then its skateboard art, old comic books/cartoons, etc... My all time favorite illustrator is Jim Phillips, I think you can see his influence in my work.

What are the principal steps in your work ?

Sometimes it’s detailed drawings that get scanned, sometimes its a rough scribble but almost everything starts with a pencil sketch. I do a lot of line work and layout in illustrator, then photoshop for finishing, etc.

Do you do everything by hand or on computer?

I think the above answer applies to most of my work.

How long does it take you to do a poster?

Sometimes an hour, sometimes days...

You have a very distinctive style, are you doing only what you feel like or if tomorrow somebody asks you an oil painting with horses running out of water with a sunset backdrop, is it a problem or are you up for it ?

I like to change up my style from time to time to keep thinks interesting, but yeah, the horses/sunset would be a problem.

For which band have you already worked for?

Lots of bands, promoters, clubs...

For which band would you love to work?

There are a handful of bands that have consistently great poster art like Wilco, The Black Keys, QOTSA etc... The bands that always have epic posters for every tour. It’d be cool to contribute to a few of them, be part of a series with other artists I dig.

Do you choose the artists yourself?

I’ve contacted artists and had a some luck, I’ve also been contacted.

What is the most difficult part in designing a poster ?

Definitely getting the initial concept of a piece. I can spend days on an idea that takes me an hour to put together.

Do you think you are part of a "Graphic Scene", if so who else ?

Perhaps. I’d like to consider myself part of the gigposters scene. I don't know... Am I?

A bit of self-promotion, take advantage of it, it's free, where can we see your work , on the web or in real life?

My website ivanminsloff.com or at gigposters.com

The best praise you received lately?

Hmmm, not sure... but I’m always humbled by the kind words from my peers online.

What can we wish you for the future?

To keep enjoying all of this.

Thanks for answering my questions and see you soon on the website !!


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