Tom Booth : The Wall: Modern Day Music Posters (e) Book

Tom Booth : The Wall: Modern Day Music Posters (e) Book

Another book on posters? Oh yes, another one, notice that there are not that much of that kind, especially when you think about how huge the gigposters phenomenon has grown. And if you add to that it takes a completely original approach, you will understand why I had to talk about it.

Featuring 91 designers, the book is pretty unique in the way it gives them the opportunity to comment on the work they are showing. On every page you will find a poster and few sentences from the designer regarding this particular poster. Contrary to most of the other posters books the text is focused on the poster more than the full work of a given artist.

Tom Booth approach is possible because, instead of classifying posters by artists, he chose 9 categoies (Illustration, Photography, Screenprint, Pattern, Textured, Typography, Retro, Simple, and Series) and filled them with works from Lance Lester, Scott Campbell, Kunny Van Der Ploeg, Methane Studios, DKNG, MünsterStudio, Pete Cardoso, Nick Rhodes, Todd Slater, Lars P. Krause or Crosshair to name few of them, and of course legendary Taron Cochrane also in charge of the forewords.

Speaking of forewords, I should also let you know that Tom Booth is the guy who made this wonderful publication possible and also runs, designing posters for the biggest names in Ska and Punk music,. Sorry ? …What are you saying ?.... I should have him interviewed on the blog also ? You’re right….Just give me some more time to roam around the pages of this unique and definitly “must have” book and I’ll give him a call !

Oh, by the way, did I mention that it was, to my knowledge, the first ever eBook made on the subject ? No ? Well consider it as done now :)

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