Didier Maiffredy - Rock Poster Art : Sérigraphies de concert (2012)

Didier Maiffredy - Rock Poster Art : Sérigraphies de concert (2012)

Books related to Rock Posters Art are really rare in France (as this art is pretty confidential here), but worldwide you can find many books dealing with this subject. Most of the time, they are focusing on a single artist like Brian Ewing, Emek or, let's say R. Black. Very few books cover the whole scene, with the exception of the awesome Art Of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion, not that easy to carry everywhere with you!

This is the reason why I am so happy to introduce you today to this great french book, hoping that, one day, a courageous american translator will work on it. Didier Maiffredy knows what he is speaking about: collector, art lover, art lecturer, funding president of Les Arts du Rock, you can say he is a keen amateur. Once you will know that Frank Kozik wrote the forewords (both in french and english), you will agree this is a serious work we have here !

More than a collection of reproductions, this book is a true dive into this universe: history (from psychedelism to punk till the contemporary explosion), description of the "scene", the american one of course, but also many other countries, influences and referencies (pop art, art nouveau, recoveries, etc...), presenting many technical aspects (how to silkscreen, economic models, etc...), and true history of art/rock lessons, all of that, of course, filled with numerous posters reproductions (around 150 artists showed here) and, for some of them, the original art they are inspired by.

As cool to look at as well as to read (oh yes there is text here, not only pictures), this is probably one of the most complete book on the subject and, let's face it, it is the work of a frenchy, so, as we say here in France... Cocorico !!! )

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