Phil Cushway - Art of the Dead (2012)

Phil Cushway - Art of the Dead (2012)

In the world of books dedicated to rock poster art, few of them are completly dedicated to a single band art, most of the time, they deal with an artist and his art. This is truely surprising when you think that those posters are made, firstly, in order to promote a band show. Art of the Dead is an exception. Who else than the Dead can boast about being here from such a long time, who else carried hopes of the youth with so much passion ? Who else produced such powerful shows all along the decades ? Major figure of the US underground scene, they are the soul and inspiration, as this book testify.

The author worked with legends: Griffin, Moscoso, Wilson, Mouse and Kelley, but also with 90s icons: Kozik, Arminski, Forbes or Coop,this shows how serious the guy is. When, in the forewords, he says that the book is, before all, an hommage to the artists and their arts, it is a way to say that the Dead is just an excuse to make this book. A good way to highlight, share and help to make the artists better known with around 140 posters selected. I would also like to highlight the wonderful printing work done on this book, not only by the size of the reproductions but also their quality that allows to see every detail and styles clearly.

Stating that "Griffins, Mouse and Moscoso are not only offsprings of Toulouse Lautrec, Mucha and Chéret, but equally their peers", here is a wonderful book, commented by Greil Marcus, Steven Heller or Mickey Hart, that deinitly demonstrate this statement.

For fans of the Dead, of rock, of posters and, overall art fans !!!

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