Guillaume Soulatges - CrippaXXXAlmqvist : « Schwarz Metall Wald » (2012)

CrippaXXXAlmqvist : « Schwarz Metall Wald » (2012)

"It would not be helping those guys to encourage them in these pathetic ways by giving your attention, or inviting your friends to do so, in (their) exposure or their so-called book.". Thus ended the email promo announcing the imminent release of "Schwarz Metall Wald," 4-handed Project by Swedish CrippaXXXAlmqvist and frenchy Guillaume Soulatges.

Do not trust the cover with those goats frolicking in the forest, we are indeed here in the presence of a drug delirium in black and white. A trip that runs from the first page as a bad trip on LSD. Sex, drug and rock n roll, here is what this little booklet (limited to 100 units) is all about !

How to explain more what it's here, the simplest may be to play an album of sticky, dark and clammy black metal. This is probably the best music to accompany the graphic nightmare. It takes 2 guys to get such an unhealthy and sick feeling. You can imagine them locked at night in a musty cabin in the garden, with muddy ground and putrid smell, a black marker in one hand and what you like to imagine in the other one, shaking with spasms of demonic laughter.

Cocks, crosses, monsters and kids, there's a bit of everything in "Schwarz Metall Wald," a little, but there is also what one does not see: blood, sound, sex, scabrous and sperm ... the kind of black forest in which three little underground piggies would be lost (in this case they are 2)!

The simplest way to get your copy while it is still time is to directly order it to Guillaume (gsoulatges(at) for only : 6.66euros !

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