This Friday is the opening night for Ink & Paper, a major exhibition of gig posters in London. We have been busy helping organise the exhibition along with our other pals at UKPA, and it is set to be a corker!

Opening hours
11th May opening event -18.00 – 21.00
12th May – 11.00 – 18.00
13th May – 11.00 – 18.00 (panel discussion/Q&A at 16.00)

INK & PAPER is a major exhibition of gig posters by some of the world's best poster artists taking place May 11th-13th off London's Brick Lane at The Rag Factory. One of the first shows to feature many of the UK's current crop of poster designers alongside some of the best from Europe and the US, INK & PAPER will feature a vast array of limited, screenprinted gig posters for bands across the musical spectrum.

Featured artists include: Adam Pobiak (UK/US), Brag Collective (UK), Comet Substance (CH), Damien Tran (FR), Dan Stiles (US), Diego Mena (UK/ES), Drew Millward (UK), Fugscreen Design (US), Graham Pilling (UK), Guy Burwell (US), Horse Design (UK), Jacknife (UK), Justin Santora (US), Kate Prior (UK), Lil Tuffy (US), Luke Drozd (UK), Mara Piccione (NL), Petting Zoo (UK), Sean Mort (UK), Switchopen (UK), Telegramme Studio (UK), Tiny Little Horse (IRE), Tom Lacey (UK), Twoducksdisco (UK), Michael Cowell (UK), Monkey Ink/John Howard (US) & WeThreeClub (UK).

Ink & Paper artist panel discussion/Q&A
Sunday 13th May

4pm, followed by closing drinks
Hosted by Crispin Parry from British Underground, this will be an informal talk from some of the artists behind the international gig poster movement, allowing insights into the whys, wherefores and whatnots of making and exhibiting screenprinted posters. Artists discussing their work will include Drew Millward (UK), Lil Tuffy (US), John Howard/Monkey Ink (US) & UKPA representative Graham Pilling (UK). This will be followed by closing drinks and a final chance to buy prints from the show.

What is a Gig Poster?
Gig posters, or concert posters, are limited edition prints created by graphic artists to commemorate a particular musical event, gig, or tour. They are often silkscreen printed (screenprinted) and usually signed and numbered, making for unique and collectible pieces of art.

What is the UKPA?
The UKPA is an organising body and web resource set up to promote the UK gig poster scene, with a focus on limited edition, screenprinted works. The UK possesses a vast wealth of talent within the field of gig poster design that finds its roots in both the concert posters of Britain’s musical past as well its contemporary American counterparts. As the scene continues to grow this side of the pond, UKPA hopes to offer help and information about those working within it, how clients can go about commissioning work, as well as promoting and supporting exhibitions of these artists.

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Ink & Paper is brought to you through the generous support of UKTI, British Underground and Brooklyn Brewery

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