Neal Williams (EpicProblems) : Dinosaur Jr

Neal Williams (EpicProblems) : Dinosaur Jr

Well when I thought about launching this new set of interviews focused on a single poster, I did not expect such an enthousiasm from the artists I have contacted. And I was far from imagining how involved in this project some of them will be. Neal Williams, from EpicProblems, is the perfect example for that ! Just take a look at the whole documentation he sent me for the making of his Dinosaur Jr poster !!! He was not at all obliged to be so generous, especially as I mixed his answers (to the previous interview) with another guy ones (see first question of this one and...first answer ;) )

A really really great thanx to him for all the time he took collecting documentation, explaining the process in full details and answering the questions !  (Hope this is not too difficult to read, I really wanted to online the whole process pictures, let me know if it comes out clearly)


Hi ! Last time we "met" for the blog, you told me you would like to do something for Cibo Matto, is still this a dream ?
I think you may have dreamt that this was my dream. (indeed)      

Well, for the moment, we are here to talk about your Dinosaur Jr poster, first of all some "technical" points :) Where and when did this show took place ?
This show was on October 2, 2012 at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA.      

  1.Posters usually begin with an initial concept thumbnail. I only made about 3 thumbnails for this poster and ultimately went with this weird elephant-snout-like creature busting out of a dilapidated old barn.

<- 2. I then make a more detailed sketch and then ink over that on a light table using technical pens and occasionally brushes. 

3. These are all the hand-drawn elements of the poster laid out and ready to smash together in photoshop. Actually inks from a previous poster snuck in that pic as well, disregard that...

Did the band contacted you directly or was it a promoter or anyone else ?

I was contacted by Dinosaur Jr.'s manager about a month before the show took place.

 <- 4. After doing some color mock-ups in photoshop, I print out some films through an epson printer and burn them onto a screen using 2 500-watt halogen work lights. It's not the ideal situation but it's cheap and it works. The screens have been coated with emulsion and allowed to dry before this.

 5. After exposing, any dark area on the film washes out, allowing ink to pass through when I print the posters.

6. After washout, the sun helps harden the emulsion and dry the screen.

Did you have guidelines for this one or were you entirely free ?

Entirely free.


7. Then it's time to pick and mix colors. When I'm lucky I'll find a color from a previous project that works perfectly. That's pretty rare.

8. Going for a brownish-orange for the first color.

Where does this hurricane like idea come from ?
 I was looking at pictures of elephants, so I based the creature on an elephant snout.      

9. Pulling the squeegee across the screen to print the first color.

10. First color racked in my diy rack.

                                                                                                                          11. Shot of first color.

Is it related to some specific Dinosaur Jr song or lyrics ?

No, but this thing is breaking out of the barn like a J. Mascis guitar solo. I wanted the poster to be kind of loud and in yo face. Seriously, Dinosaur Jr shows are fairly loud. Once I saw J. Mascis and the Fog when Mike Watt was playing bass and that was the loudest show I've seen in my life. You could hardly differentiate the songs it was so loud.      

12.Touching up the second screen. I had a few tiny problem areas so I'm filling them back in with emulsion.

 13. Registering the second color, making sure it lines up perfectly with the first.

14. Second color down, in near-perfect registration.

How many prints of it did you make (or made make) ?

It's an edition of 65.      

15. This is my makeshift counter-balance. Basically it means I no longer have to prop the screen up with my head when changing paper.

16.Pulling the third color which is transparent and makes the color of the barn as well as shadows on the creature.

17. Detail shot of third color. ->

Did you receive feedback from the band ?

No, but the people running the merch booth liked it. I don't really go out of my way to meet bands or musicians I work for. I tend to remain as "behind the scenes" as possible.     

18. Taping off the fourth color. Lots of packing tape goes down on the screen to make sure ink isn't coming through in places I don't want it, especially the edges.

19. Detail of fourth screen.

20. Fourth color down.

 21. Detail of fourth color.

 From their fans ?   

Dug it.                     
From your fans ?

Into it. 
Have you worked again with Dinosaur Jr since this one ?
Not yet.

 22. Greyhounds checking up on my progress. They're happy to see I'm finished and can now take them out to pee.

 23. All the posters finished in the rack.

 24. Time to clean ink off the screen.

25. Ink goes back in the tub. I try to do this in the messiest way I can.

 26.The ink gets washed off and then the emulsion gets washed out with the help of a chemical so the screen can be used again. This is called reclaiming.

 27. Then the screens are left out to dry and my dogs get some much-needed attention.

30. The Poster !!!!

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