Futura: The Art of R. Black

Futura: The Art of R. Black

Futura is the first published collection of R. Black's designs and poster artwork published by Dark Horse Books and once again, when it comes to Dark Horse publications, quality is obvious.

In the forewords, Brian Ewing advices to “put (our) iTunes on shuffle, because this book reads like a mix-tape of all (our) favorite music”, and this is definitly true. With Gigposters works covering the Misfits and DJ Aero, Siouxsie and the Banchees and Elvis Costello, GWAR or Ministry, the least you can say is that a wide range of musical styles is covered.

Influenced by Art Nouveau, pop art, comics and, of course, rock poster artists such as Ewing or Coop, Rich Black has been able to develop his own style you can immediately recognize, but still evolving from beginning xeroxed-flyers like art to Opera posters (unfortunatly not so much shown in the book, but it has been issued too early for that). 

The book is also not just focussing on gigposters works but also covers his great posters around the Scooter world (always with sexy devilish girls ;).

If you still need a last reason to buy this book, notice that a few pages are 3-D work ( glasses included!), but, to my point of view Rich’s work is stricking enough not to need that kind of gadget ;)


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