De Nada, The Art of Jeral Tidwell

De Nada, The Art of Jeral Tidwell

Jeral Tidwell’s “De Nada” retrospective book is foreworded by Frank Kozik. At this stage of the review, you should already be entering the last digits of your credit card number to order your own copy.

But if you are still here, maybe is it because times are hard and you wont spend your money so easily just because of the forewords. So nor the killing cover design neither the forewords will convince you ? Well, OK, it is time to dive into the book and I am pretty sure that you will understand why this book is so important for any art lover and especially rock poster fans.

Re-inventing flying eyeballs and organic skulls, classical nudes and "trasher" aesthetic, Jeral talents spreads over skate decks, graffitis, art prints, paintings, in a mix of kustom kulture, pin striping, rock art, tattoos and comics.

All of that, and a lot more, is wonderfully shown in the book, full of preliminary sketches, process pics and all that kind of things that make it absolutly unmissable for anyone who wants to know more about Jeral’s world.

I think it is too late now, but notice that this “must have” is available as book only and in "THE GOOD SHIT" Collectors edition of only 100 copies that come in special edition box with 2 art prints, and a shop rag... all Hand printed!

Well, now it is up to you to decide, but, if I were you I would directly click here ;)

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